Return/Exchange Policy:


As part of the LSK Difference, Local Screen King’s offers same-day exchanges on any product purchased and still under our 45-day warranty. To request and exchange, email:, or contact your local Ambassador. Your communication must be received before 2:00PM in your location’s time zone for a same-day exchange. Our driver’s are available daily for exchanges until 6:00PM. If the request is received after 3:00PM, a Local Screen King driver will complete your exchange the following calendar day, before 2:00PM.

No exchanges will be given after 45-days from the initial purchase.


After one (1) exchange has been completed, and you are not satisfied with the product exchanged, or the exchanged product is defective, you may request a full refund for the cost of the product you want to return. No Refunds will be given after 45 days of initial purchase.

Note: Unless otherwise agreed upon, all refunds will be posted as internal store credit available for use on any products Local Screen Kings offers.

Policy Abuse

Local Screen Kings reserves the right to alter our returns and exchanges policy. Any customer that is deemed to be “abusing” our generous returns policy can be subject to firm and stricter policies.

Policy Changes

Local Screen Kings returns/exchanges/warranty policies are subject to change at any time, and no warning or notice is necessary.